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PBT Competing Around the Globe:

  • More than 50% of Sabre fencers during the 2004 Athen Olympics used PBT transparent masks!
  • Keeth (US National Sabre Champion) & Erinn Smart (US National Foil Champion) fence in all PBT.
  • Timea Nagy became a second time Olympic Champion in PBT equipment in Athens.
  • Zsolt Nemcsik won the Athens' Olympic silver medal in men's sabre individual in PBT equipment.
  • First women's sabre individual Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis (USA) and men's sabre individual winner Aldo Montano (ITA) both won in a PBT transparent mask.

Why use PBT?

  • Fencing is a great game but you have to play it safe! PBT products are made in the European Union for the highest of quality.
  • All of our PBT products with the exception of the internationally well known fencing blades and sliverstar shoes are made in the European Union.
  • PBT's production process stresses quality. Many of the items are made to meet EU "Certificate Europe" (CE) or F.I.E. specifications. This means that the products are tested by independant international accredited labratories.
  • Are you tired of blades which last only one tournament, loose barrels on new weapons, shoes which wear out in 6-9 months? We have the solution- European Made PBT!
    If you want durable, high quality, safe equipment which is worn by World Champions
    then you need PBT!

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